Smart Water Network

  • Reduction of non - revenue water (NRW)
  • Upgrade of offered services
  • More accurate and easier billing
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Reduction of stress of the water network
  • Reduction of operational cost
  • Improvement of water quality
  • Rational natural resource management
  • Easier management of consumers data and archives
  • Extend asset life of electromechanical equipment
  • Reduction of costs for finding, managing and disposing of new water resources
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Smart Water Network through performance indicators

Smart Gas

  • Manage and Optimization on Gas Distribution Networks
  • R & M stations
  • First pressure reduction station
  • Metering, natural gas odorization
  • AMR devices
  • Large/medium meters equipped with data correction and logging devices
  • Final Reduction Units
  • Intermediate and final level of gas pressure reduction
  • Pipes
  • Cathodic protection
  • Remote reading

Smart Waste

  • Steria Holdings FZE as a pioneer company in the field of Smart Cities Technology Providers in collaboration with IBM offers a complete and reliable technical solution regarding the Smart Solid Waste Management
  • Smart Waste Platfrom 4 main levels (layers):

  • -Modelling



  • Total optimization of the solid waste cycle is implemented.

. What is?
Smart Water Network-A smart water network is an integrated set of products, solutions and systems that enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose problems, prioritize and manage maintenance issues and use data to optimize all aspects of the water distribution network. At Sensus, water is our passion

Smart Gas- Smart meters are gas and electricity meters that make your life easier. They'll automatically send us your meter readings, so you don't have to. They come with a smart energy monitor that shows you how much energy you are using in pounds and pence.

Smart Waste- The waste collection process is a critical aspect for the service providers. ... In order to overcome all these problems, we are proposing the idea of smart waste management system which helps in auto-management of waste without human interaction in order to maintain a clean environment.