IOT Comunication

By Using different communication protocol we offer one of the best low-volume information transfer system ideal for utilities or companies requiring monitoring or control small volume of information appliances. Our system creates a network of objects that communicate with eachother, interact or accept remote commands and automatically connect to the Internet. Our IOT communication network implements radio link type Ultra Narrow Band techniques (UNB) in a range that does not require licensing across Europe (868 MHz) cost offective, two-way transmission of small amounts of data expanding greatly battery life (about 10 years) and service of connected devices. Finally it has a high penetration capacity even in places where conventional technologies usually face big problems.

IOT Software Development

We develop and support integrated business (IOT) solutions, covering both in-house and third party applications to maximise the effectiveness of business processes. We meet the changing needs and strategic objectives of the Customer, along with statutory obligations and government legislation. Development and support of appropriate management reporting solutions. Provision of adequate support, training and advice to users so that they can utilise the systems effectively.


LoRa™ (acronym of Long Range) is a modulation technique designed by Semtech that guarantees long-range communications that compete with present technologies. The modulation is based on spread-spectrum techniques and on the spectrum frequency variation (chirp), with FEC error correction. The LoRaWAN™ network is optimised to use sensors with reduced battery consumption and includes different end point classes depending on the need to prioritise network latency rather than battery life. It is an completely bidirectional protocol and has been designed by security experts to ensure reliability and protection. LoRa network elements LORAWAN architecture, as shown in the figure below, includes four elements: End Devices (field sensors that collect and transmit measurement data); Gateways (network devices that collect data from the end points); Network Server (LoRaWAN network control and authentication layers); Application Server (data collection and processing application layer).